The Cards Game: when popular tradition meets innovation

After Democracy International developed some VR and AR activities, new ideas popped-up, amongst them a « new technology » card game: indeed, playing cards is very popular in Tunisia. Therefore, the DI team explored new options and it appeared that one game was at the same time very popular, and very easy to play: « Schreich ».


Playing cards in Tunisia…

Based on the rules of this game that is frequently played at the cafes, by every kind of person, and on its popular approach, DI team developed a brand new Set of Cards: applying Democracy actors in this game, where the key issue is to end the game prior to finish with the last card impossible to pair, the « Schreich ». In our DI card game, the card that makes you lose is « The Dictator »!

In our DI game, each card refers to one pilar of the Democracy, like Media, Civil Society, Justice or Associations, amongst others.

The idea was to create a game that would make you interact with Democracy actors, to get familiar with them. But also, as always in all activities Democracy International has developed in Tunisia, to focus on the civic and educative approach.


When Schreich meets Google Home…

In Democracy International, we value Democracy and all the benefits and positive impact. And when facing the question of lack of engagement of Youth in the electoral process, we envisaged various options. And we considered that using new technologies to encourage and attract a new population could be an experiment. So we did it!

And when we designed the Game card, we also designed the complete experience of it: once the game is over, winners and loser move to the next step of the Game, which is the Civic part.

A google home program has been designed and developed, so that a range of Questions & Answers have been recorded.

Each participant is asked about one of the key actors of democracy or a specific principle, and has to provide adequate response. Google home is there to provide the proper definition, and make the game much more interactive and innovative. A collection of data and definitions, as well as facts or references is also accessible, to extend the experience.



One step forward…

DI permanently updated all activities we developed in these past years, for the AR and VR for example.

Once developing the specific Google home app, we also realized that Arabic service was not available, reducing our potential access to the regions and/or certain populations.

DI therefore developed an interactive Augmented Reality application, coming with a dedicated application & Quizz: accessible in French and English, but more important, in Arabic and Tunisian dialect too!.

Same Questions and Answers, but this time using tablets and smartphones provided by DI or by players. A question from the Quizz, and the response from the AR application, so that one more time, this traditional game became an interactive civic technology tool!



The objective of the Cards Game was to make young people learn and get familiar with words and keyholders in the most interesting and simple ways, and the application was to be presented during the JID (Journée Internationale de la Démocratie), on the 15th of September 2019.

One more time, Democracy International Tunisia demonstrated that new and innovative approaches can lead to a change of perceptions amongst a dedicated public, and using new technologies added to the most emblematic and traditional card game made a perfect match, whose winners were Democracy and citizens!